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2009/27/10 We have so many PASSIONS (I've changed from passions to a story or two!)

From Outlaw Performance

I know that the people who follow this blog have been waiting for our passions.  Carl one of my blog watchers called the other day and asked why aren't you writing about passions? I told him that I just couldn't get to it Outlaw has been keeping me busy.  I've been trying to get to it since Oct 7th.  Carl said he looked at the title and started to get warm and fuzzy inside.  Well I think I'm going to wait for warm and fuzzy passions when the weather gets to be 30 below zero, the snow is blowing and there's no sign of a robin or humming bird.  Instead I need to tell you about a phone conversation that I had with a new customer just yesterday.

We just never know what we buy!  I received a phone call from Fred in FL.  He was calling looking for rear 4-bar bushings  & said that the car he had was a TCI frame with a Brand X body.  He told me that he ordered a set of bushings from a TCI supplier, received the bushings they were the wrong ones.  He looked under the car and found some (yellow) bushings with our name on them. I said to him Fred we haven't used yellow bushings for about 20 years.  He then tells me his story.  Here goes, About a year ago he purchases a 34 Ford coupe finished car from a man also in FL that had the car in a outside trailer for years.  The bushings alone had almost turned to dust from the heat.  As I'm talking to Fred about the size of bushings that he needed  I told him that we serial number our cars. I gave him the chassis number location.  Later in the day he e-mails me a Outlaw issued chassis serial number.  I was blown away!  I wrote back "this is so cool!"  The chassis was built here in Jan 1990.  Could it be that it's an Outlaw body too!  I asked Fred to e-mail a picture of the door jam, While he was doing that, I had my Patti pull the data through the frame number and before Fred could send me the picture I knew he had an Outlaw body and chassis

This body and chassis left Outlaw on Jan 21, 1990. It was sold to a dealer in IL.  Until Fred called, there was only a 1990 history on the car.  We never knew where the car went, who finished the car, who bought and sold the car.  It's amazing how almost 20 years have passed.  If only the car could talk.  How did it get finished and put into a trailer in FL and never seen, then 19 years later it's someones new baby riding around and hanging out.  A story like this makes me warm & fuzzy. We are truly keeping the legend alive. 

Fred has an Outlaw, it's a really nice car (on photo gallery soon!)  Fred made a great investment and didn't even know it.  My Outlaw customers that buy and sell cars tell me that an Outlaw car sells for the same (if not more) as an original steel car.  So great - So neat - I just love my job on days like yesterday!


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