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7-5-2018 THANKS TO YOU

From Outlaw Performance

I know it's about time that I write to my followers.  Several of my friends, customers and acquaintances have e-mailed me and asked why I no longer write in my blog.  Well I just haven't taken the time.  With work, home and 4 grandchildren there is never a quiet moment any more.  Today is the day that I locked myself in my office and will try to take more time for all of you.

We at Outlaw are now in our 33rd year.  It is so hard to believe!!! We still building the very best body and chassis packages.  I keep hearing rumors that we quit NOT TRUE AT ALL.  When someone calls and says that they heard a rumor I always say who told you that I want to speck to them.  Where do these rumors start are they from so called competitors (I don't have any or very few of them) or from the person who didn't call, purchased  a Brand X then later found out Outlaw is still producing bodies and chassis.  Shame on anyone that hears a rumor about us and doesn't pick up the phone and call our toll-free number 1-800-763-3334 SHAME SHAME SHAME! Even if you purchased that BRAND X you definitely will need something down the road.  We have never turned anyone away even if it's just to talk.

Over the years I have laughed, I've cried, I've learned but most of all I will always love the human touch this industry and YOU has given me.  With the grace of God Outlaw will continue for years to come and I thank you all for that.

Have A Great Summer! Be Safe! Give us a call just to say HI



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