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2012/08/10 BUYER BEWARE

From Outlaw Performance

This is just a reminder to beware of people selling fiberglass bodies and aftermarket chassis that say It's an Outlaw.  Over and over again I receive e-mails and phone calls that the customer has just purchased a Outlaw car and when they look for our issued serial numbers they can not find them.  The sad part is that the structure and quality of the car on a Brand X is no where near an Outlaw body.

We at Outlaw have issued serial numbers since day one.  These numbers are stamped on the frame rail and a different number is placed under the dash which is embossed into the fiberglass.  Through the serial number we can supply the customer some or most of the cars history.  

So, if your looking at a finished car and the person says it's an Outlaw ask them for the serial number.  They in most cases have received a Certificate of Manufacture from us showing both chassis and body numbers. 

We at Outlaw only want you our valued customers to get what you paid for.  We know that on a resale basis an Outlaw brings so much more.  So please beware.

On a lighter note we at Outlaw are busier then we have been in 5 years.  Thanks to all of you! 




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