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From Outlaw Performance

I know its been a long time.  Just couldn't get my act together to write.  Well winter finally got over and soon we will all be talking about how we wished those hot summer days were here again. It's sure been a hot one here.  Thank God for the A/C!  

Well just not sure how to get everyone up to date. John & I became grandparents for the 2nd time in March we now have a new little body.  His name is Tyler we call him Ty.  Just as beautiful as his 3 years old sister.  We get to see them often.  Grand kids are so wonderful! I think everyone should have one. 

Outlaw is still plugging away.  Still selling and building them. We have a backlog of about 4 months.  People are starting to find out that we can also supply most of the parts for those Brand X bodies and chassis out there.  I've never in the history of Outlaw sold so many body and chassis parts.

It seems that more and more finished Outlaw cars are being sold.  Every day I get a phone call to change the COM ownership.  I never get caught up changing those files.  It so neat to go back into those records and  read things that took place over 25 years ago when my hair was still red and I was 25 pounds lighter.  

Our fabrication company Davison Manufacturing is really busy.  John is planning soon to start a second shift just to keep up.  We even did work for the Flight 93 Memorial which was so cool.  My guys got to go to the site 3 or 4 times.  The memorial will be ready for the 9-11 anniversary.

Our Pittsburgh Steelers are back in training camp.  Ben got married last week to local girl.  Next we hope to see little Bens running around soon. The Pirates are doing well.  I even started to watch baseball again after about 30 years. I stayed up a couple of nights ago and watched until 2 AM after 19 innings when the ump made the bad call.  I remember listening to them on the radio when I was a kid. I helped deliver newspapers for a friend back then.  She was a great little lady and just loved baseball.  Every car and house radio was set on baseball. Those were the good old days.

Well I've got to go.  Just got a phone call that I have a customer coming in to visit from NJ that I haven't seen in over 10 years.  He's bringing his Outlaw too! Have a great rest of your summer.

If you need anything give us call. 



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