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2011/02/02 Ground Hog Day - GO STEELERS!

From Outlaw Performance
2011/02/02 Ground Hog Day - GO STEELERS!

Its a good day here at Outlaw!  When I woke up today I turned on the news and they pulled that groundhog out of his hole and he DID NOT see his shadow today which means a early SPRING.  This groundhog has been around since 1887 (old isn't he) he has seen his shadow 98 times and only 16 times has he not seen it. Way to go PHIL!

Most of the entire nation is experiencing the worst storm ever.  We have sunshine, 50 degrees (a couple of min) and only will get a couple of inches of snow after lunch they say. We are dodging the winter storms of 2011.  I'm not saying that we haven't gotten snow this season we have,  it snows every single day. 3-4 inches or 4-5 inches just enough to aggravate John (hubby & plow guy). He also mows the grass in the summer. I'm sure spring can't come soon enough for him and a lot of other plow guys.

And then my favorite part is our own Pittsburgh STEELERS. Yep, we are counting the days, hours and minutes until the Super Bowl.  Our yards, houses, bodies, dogs, cats and anything else we can decorate is. Its all BLACK & GOLD here on this side of PA.  I have dressed in STEELER shirts since they won in Cleveland.  Anything that has green on it has been stored away.  You know they say green is not a lucky color.  I had a race car guy tell me along time ago that he would never put any green on his race car because it is not a lucky color.  If he is right GREEN BAY is toast.

Check out our TERRIBLE towels.  Two of them have been with us since Myron Cope came up with the idea(1975). Over the years we have added more for our kids and grandchild (Grace).  We keep our towels in one place for the entire year with easy access when football season starts.  Did you know that when Myron Cope created the TERRIBLE towel all proceeds went to a school here for children and adults with disabilities.  I think everyone should invest into MYRONS legacy.  If you look to the right of the picture you will see a aura which I'm sure is MYRON.  Not only is he  looking down on those kids, I'm sure he is the number #1 fan watching our Pittsburgh STEELERS.

Get that SEVENTH ring boys!  Your pulling ahead of them all.  GO STEELERS GO!!!!!!!! 




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