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From Outlaw Performance

Yep it's that time of the year again.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are doing very well for another year.  They have 4 wins and only 1 loss.  Thanks to the Ravens the Steelers are standing alone in #ONE position.  Ben is back and it looks like everyone is going to give him another chance (we all need a second chance sometimes).  Brett took over as the bad guy anyway!  Our weekends are now nothing but football.  The football watching is mostly done at our house.  We start to get ready on Monday for the Sunday game (I hated the by week).  On Wednesdays to start to wear our football shirts. Sunday mourning its like getting ready for the big show. We watch all the NFL pre game shows while we are getting tons of food ready just to watch the game.  Most of what we make lasts us through the week as left overs. Sometimes there's only 3 of us, sometimes there's 20, we just never know who will show up.  No matter if they win or lose the time with friends and family is always the best part or the day. 

We continue to plug away here at Outlaw.  The industry is still in a up and down mode. One week we sell 2-3 units the next week we sell none.  We are keeping busy in both companies Davison and Outlaw.  The cars are booked into January 2010.  The Willys is still the most popular body style. Davison has taken on 3 more McDonalds jobs and lots and lots of handrail for job sites in the Pittsburgh area.  The hard thing for us is getting the work done in both shops on a timely basis.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be building bodies and chassis along side handrail, gates and anchor bolts.  The fabrication work is very boring but, I now know now that if it wasn't for Davison Manufacturing Outlaw really would have suffered through these hard times. We are keeping our chins up and digging in when the dust settles we will be here producing both high quality Outlaw body/chassis/parts and right along side of it that boring fab work.     

Remember if you have a Brand X (other than an Outlaw) call us we can help. 

Like always - Have A Great Day! Barb  




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