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2010/22/06 Barb gets a PEP talk

From Outlaw Performance

I just need to let everyone know that through the last 3 years of this BAD economy many, many of my Outlaw customers have contacted me  to give me the PEP talk.  I want to thank everyone that has done so and thank those in advance who will be giving future pep talks.  Our industry is going through issues that none of us ever dreamed of in our  wildest dreams.  So many of my fellow vendors have stopped going to shows, laid off most of their employees and even worse have closed their doors.  

Everyone tells me only the strong will survive this.  We at Outlaw and many others will survive.  All of us are asking for your help to keep yours and our Legend Alive.  When Outlaw gets a order for a body or a chassis a trickle down effect happens.  We build the product, you take the product home then the journey begins.  You need an engine so you go to Chevy, Ford, Hemi.  Need seats you go to a seat manufacture.  In need or paint you go to the paint store.  Can't turn-key the car you go to a builder this process goes on, and on and on.  

I have quoted record numbers of body/chassis packages over the last few months.  I would along with your help like to give my industry a boost.  If you are looking for a project to turn-key through the winter (it will be here before we know it) give us a call.  If your looking for parts to finish your project either give us a call or check out the net  I know someone is willing to give you the fine service that everyone deserves.  

We all appreciate your business, Thanks from Barb and the entire Hot Rod Industry


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