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From Outlaw Performance


I know that some new people are reading my blog.  Almost every week I receive e-mails and phone calls from people that have read this Blog.  It's so cool to know that we are making a real difference in this dog eat dog industry.

I want to share just a couple of stories with you.  The first one came to me via a e-mail.  Jack from OH sent me an e-mail the subject was ...Could use a little help!  He was thinking about buying a finished (what he was told) Outlaw 35 Chevy sedan delivery.  The seller claimed it to be an Outlaw.  Jack e-mailed us because of the presentation of our Outlaw body/chassis.  He knew what a fine product we had.

I e-mailed him back giving him the locations of our issued serial numbers on the body and the frame.  He contacted the seller and sent back this note -  Miracle of Miracle's the Car Sold this afternoon, right after I asked for your numbers! You don't think it was a "bogus Outlaw" do you? WOW! thanks for your help, and it I'm ever in the Pittsburgh area, I'd like to look you up! Warmest regards Jack from Akron, Ohio. It truly pays to find out where, what and when!

The second story just came today.  Harold from TN called looking for some bumper bolts for his Chevy.  I took the order and then starting to have my little gab session (it happens to everyone that calls).  I asked Harold how did you find us.  He said he went to Yahoo search posted 31 Chevy bumper bolts and we came up.  Then he went to the site and read the blog.  He told me that after reading  my blog he knew Outlaw could be trusted to take all of his information including his credit numbers (which he never gives out). What a great feeling this is.  I sometimes think that I'm not making a difference in our industry.  Now I know I am! 

Well my hummingbirds are back.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are fighting again to get another Stanley Cup!  It's on 50 degrees today and rain, rain go away!  When will the sun come? At least it's not snow.  

Have A Great Day!   Barb @ Outlaw     


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