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2009/03/09 Another summer gone!

From Outlaw Performance

It's hard to believe that another summer has gone.  Went on vacation last week to the beach and before I left I asked a "NEW" friend to give me a subject to write about in my blog.  We had the pleasure of selling him one of our 32 Ford coupes with a chassis.  His name is Carl Z, he came into our lives in December of 08 looking to do a project.  His chassis left here in January 09 and the body went to him in August.  Through that time we all became friends.  So when I asked him for my latest subject he knew just what to say.     

He writes - Well here we are again, it's August and winter hot rod projects are just around the corner.  Just sitting here through my memory bank (what's left of it) makes me smile at years gone by.  Yesterday I came across an old cardboard box, yellowed, water marked and covered with dust.  Inside I found several issues of Rod & Custom from the early 60's.  After an hour or so of going through the magazines I realized that 50% of the ads were for ZIT creams, noxema, seabreeze, rubbing alcohol etc. (you know the groug, if you are over 50).  I truly believe that pimples today are not a big concern for today's hot rodder.

As new cars get increasingly over complicated with seat warmers, gps, hand free phones and self adjusting memory seats, I see a culture that's continuing to grow with the hot rods of old.  This culture has aroused the interest in the traditional hot rods with an I beam, wish bone, buggy spring rearend and a push rod V8.  You know the kind of car where every part has a reason and it's obvious what the reason is.  Playing with a street rod from OUTLAW is much more fun than trying to figure out why your rear window defogger doesn't work .

Carl, I couldn't have said it better.  You have made a great investment buying an Outlaw car.  We know you will have fun and we will wait for the picture to add to our site.  Thanks from Barb and the entire Outlaw gang! 

E-mail me a subject   hotrod_barb@yahoo.com  





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