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2009/28/07 It's been over a month!

From Outlaw Performance

We are still plugging away at Outlaw.  It's been over a month since I wrote in my blog.  Where did it go. We didn't even take our vacation yet (going to the beach soon).  Can't wait!!!

It seems that our 32 Ford coupe has been the body of the month.  The Willys has always been in the lead but, not this month the 32 is ahead by 2.  We are starting  to get booked again.  It must be the growing stock market or my customers just don't care or watch anymore, they are getting ready to build their cars in the winter.  They say that since we have had NO summer this year,  it's going to be a real winter this year .  No better way to get stuck in your garage working on your favorite Hot Rod, Street Rod or even a Muscle car. 

Davison Manufacturing also has become busier this month.  We received another robot body order from Carnegie  Mellon.  This time the robot will be life size (1st was about 3').  The neat thing about working with Carnegie Mellon is that the  students are very smart, very young and show great interest in a hands on operation like ours.  It blows them away to see the many differant things we manufacture in one facility.  It just amazes me too.  When you really need to make changes in your life you do.   It's human nature when you get pushed against a wall or the wall gets too tall you stop go back 6 steps and start again.  When you think you can't do it anymore you can and you do!  I made a statement in the hall today that maybe I would retire soon. Well, Jess heard me say that and said we will be still here using a  walker if we have to.   She's right.   

 I've now been writing in my blog for 3 months.  I'm happy that I have readers.  Been receiving e-mails and phone calls on it.  Since we are not going to many shows this year your e-mails and phone conversations have really filled the void for me.  As always I love hearing from all.  Direct questions or comments to my address hotrod_barb@yahoo.com Have Fun! Stay Safe!  



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