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2009/25/06 Business is Business - Hobbies are Hobbies

From Davison Manufacturing

This weeks subject is business is business, but hobbies are hobbies.  Some of my favorite hobbies are playing with my 1 1/2 old grand daughter (Grace), playing bingo, bowling, watching football, watching hockey (those famous Pittsburgh teams) and taking care of my Outlaw friends and the future friends that I'm yet to meet.  In order to take care of  this hobby and keep building the best body and chassis package in the county we have started  up a fabrication business that we had here over 25 years ago. 

The name of our new business is Davison Manufacturing, Inc.  The business was started again in November 2007.  It was slow going at first, but lately its been getting busy.  We have manufactured many, many anchor bolts for contstruction sites, fiberglass robot body molds, structual steel, stainless plates & handrail. Outlaw and Davison work hand in hand.  My employees work in both companies where ever they are needed.  It's working well, we are all learning a whole new world.  The only problem I have with the fabrication work is that I only have one or two customers to deal with (boring).  If anyone of my friends really know me they know that I need to be kept busy either quoting cars, taking parts orders, answering tech questions or just shootin the bull.  So, this how we been working it Patti, Harry and myself handle Outlaw.  Bob (brother in law), John and Jessie handle Davison.  I can't believe it's going on 2 years.  Time flys doesn't it!  

Davison travels to states like Md, Va, Ohio and as far as Ct installing jobs for McDonalds, casinos, convention centers and drug stores.  It's cool because its Outlaw's truck that delivers to the job sites.  People that are not in this industry tend to wonder what in the world is Outlaw so we give them a catalog then sometimes I even get a sale from the other side. 

I have added Davison to my Outlaw store directory (right side top).  Click on it you will see some of our work.  If you need any fab work quoted e-mail me your specs or call us.  My e-mail is hotrod_barb@yahoo.com  or use the toll-free number 1-800-763-3334 ext 15. 

It's summer time have fun in the sun - Have A Great One!



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