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2009/08/06 YORK 2009

From Outlaw Performance

Well I just got back in from the NSRA Nats East show in York, Pa and it seems that the dust is finally starting to settle. We were busy and even came out of the show a little ahead then last year. The most important part is that I was happy to see all of my east coast friends that I haven't seen in a year. Talked alot about my product, the Willys of course was the favorite topic. Got to walk outside and check a really neat 32 Ford coupe, a cool set of Chevy sedan deliveries and a steel original 34 Chevy 5 window (all black coupe). These cars were all fresh and the people that built them did such a wonderful job and as always they keep pluging my product which tells us that we are doing a GREAT job. 

I also heard that the NSRA will be adding cars in next years show up to 1980. I know most of my fellow hot rodders do not agree with this move on their part. Now, I know that pre80 cars may bring a Pinto station wagon, a Gremlin or two or maybe even a Pacer but, we need to take a moment and think what this may do to our pre49 market. Some of the pre80 car people have never entered a pre49 show, they have never seen a 41 Willys w/a Hemi in it or a little 32 Ford deuce coupe blown big block PRO street. We need to look at these new people as the future of our industry. They are younger than most of us but, just think of the knowlege we can give them. Not just my fellow venders but, also the pre49 car owners. A hot is a hot rod no matter what it looks like. I'm sure they love their cars as much as we love ours. They will become 40 or 50 years old soon enough and those are the people that buy my pre 48 bodies and chassis. We will never grow old in mind and spirt. I think we need to give it a chance. I'm sure we all would like to hand down our experiences that we have had over the last 20 or 30 years. We just need to keep having fun and pluging away at what we do best. My mother always said Barb tomorrow will be a better day, she's 78 and I have lived by that rule for a long, long time. We can't look back it's gone but, we all can move forward. Sometimes change is good.

Well, regardless I had a great time at York. Loved seeing everyone. Not sure where we will be going next. We will let everyone know as we go. As always any questions or comments e-mail me at hotrod_barb@yahoo.com HAVE A GREAT WEEK!




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