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2009/12/05 Is it an Outlaw

From Outlaw Performance

Well in my first and only blog which was now almost 3 weeks ago I stated that I would talk about how you the buyer would know that the car your buying is really an Outlaw.  Well I guess spring is in the air after a long, long winter and its time to start a new project, start the project that's been in the garage or just dust the car off and add a few pieces to it.  I got really busy and couldn't get back to my blog.  Which is all good! I love having no time to do things that should get done.

So when you go to your first, second or third car show and your looking to buy  a street rod and someone says it's an Outlaw how can you tell.  We at Outlaw have issued serial numbers for all of our bodies, frames and chassis now for over 24 years.  The body gets a number and the chassis gets a number.  We then issue a certificate of manufacture to the owner of the car (most states now actually use our issued serial numbers as the VIN number on the title).  Each serial number is listed in our data system along with the new history of the car.  We advise our customers that if they sell their car to give the COM to the new owner and have him call to change our records.  At that time we issue the new Outlaw owner a COM in his name.  The history of the car follows on and on.  I've had the same car sold 4-5 times, go from east coast to west cost to Canada and back.  It's so cool when I look into a file that the body and chassis was produced here in Feb 1986.  Not only can I see the car history I also can tell where the car has been.  

There are also some things that you can look for to tell if it's an Outlaw.  We are the only company (fiberglass) as a standard item, that sets our bodies up for a functional inside door handle (someday you may need to get out quick).  We use bear claw latches and male/female dovetails in our doors to keep them lined up (most Brand X cars only use a bear claw). If the car is still in its gelcoat our seam lines very small due to the prep time we do before laying the body.  The body in it's gelcaot is as smooth as a babies bum.  

If your still not sure it's an Outlaw call us or e-mail us we will give you the locations of our serial numbers.  The Outlaw car is a great investment.  It has greater valve compared to all other     BRAND X cars in our industry and in some cases we have seen them sold for more than a original steel car. 

Well, it's been fun today talking about my product.  I have so much more to add (25 years worth), so keep looking at my blog.  If you would like to make a comment, have a question or there is a subject that you would like me to write about e-mail me hotrod_barb@yahoo.com  anytime.



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